Hi, I’m Lauren.  I have a genetically predisposed love of food paired with a borderline obsession for health and wellness.  These two things are so often in opposition to each other and I’m over it! 

We all want to eat healthy, but here’s the problem: that takes time and we have real lives.  We feel like we should be cooking ourselves and our families the perfect meal you saw on Pinterest…when was the last time you had 4 hours for that?   And so sometimes it’s drive-through or a grocery store prepared dinner. Sometimes it’s chicken, broccoli and a sweet potato again.  Eating healthy becomes just one more thing we have to stress over.  We are trying our best here, life! 

In the words of Vanilla Ice: you got a problem, yo, I’ll solve it.  Our goal is for you to get dinner to the table in 15 minutes or less. By topping your meal with one of our sauces, you can feel good about throwing together a meal packed with flavor along with veggies and nutrients.