Live Easy, Live Healthy, Live Delicious

We have bottled peace of mind in a jar!  Our sauces allow you to throw together a quick simple meal, and we do the heavy lifting by adding veggies, nutrients and loads of flavor! 

They are ready to pour and are delicious on just about anything. 

We don’t believe you should sacrifice health, flavor and fresh food for convenience. 

Things you will do while eating our sauce:
· Jump up and down with flavor exploding joy
· Pat yourself on the back for being so darn healthy and making good decisions about your food!
· Start to wonder where this has been all your life

Things you won’t do while eating our sauce:
· Question if you still have a frozen pizza to pop in
· Immediately regret this decision for indulging in the junk food
· Ever eat a meal again without a Lively Sauce on top

We have ingredients you can pronounce!

Our sauces are made with all real ingredients and are almost all organic.

No preservatives, no chemicals, no pesticides, no processed ingredients, no inflammatory oil. Just the good stuff.


"My husband and I love the sauce! We want to put it on everything."  -Missy

"You need to glue a little Capri sun straw to the back of these sauce pouches so we can just drink it." -Suzie

"Lively Sauces are everything!  I'm a busy mom and providing healthy dinners is a point of stress every night.  But these delicious sauces are a game changer.  I literally add them to every meal that I prepare and it enhances the flavor.  And it makes me feel like I am a gourmet chef!" -Amy